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Functional Fashion Fabrics
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Glen Raven
natural & synthetic microblend
FEATURED ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Miss ORWM? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held January 10-12 in Salt Lake City? Review the best. Read More.
vestCUTTING EDGE Fabdesigns, Inc. opens state-of-the-art Knitting Facility in Malibu,California. A newplatform for produt development has been born with the rise of Fabdesigns's innovative advance 3D knitting. The company's innovative work platfor provides a new way of thinking and a novel guide for technical knit product design, fabric, fit, and sustainable manufacturing. Read More.
Future FabricsMEDICAL Futuristic Fabrics: Today's smart fabric products, with embedded or woven technological components, are resonating with consumers, and the market is responding. Woven, nonwoven and knitted textiles are the foundation of the fabrics that make up our daily existence, from the clothes we wear to the upholstered chairs we sit on. Read More.
Safety ImageSAFETY & PROTECTIVE Techtextil Press Tours Showcase Innovative Textile Developments. "We're excited to once again offer the North American textile industry a platform that blends together technical textiles, sewn products and the composites value chain." Read More.
Home Furnishing ImageHOME FURNISHINGS Today's smart fabric products, with embedded or woven technological components, are resonating with consumers, and the market is responding. Read More.
China eyes steady, green growth of textile industry China aims to achieve average annual output growth of 6-7 percent in its textile industry for the 2016-2020 period and for the industry to become more environmentally friendly. The MIIT also set an 18-percent reduction target for the industry's energy intensity and a 10-percent drop in pollutant emission between 2016 and 2020. Read more…

Microbial Dresses and a Dishcloth that tells you it’s Time to Wash it From microbial fashion to a fabric that changes colors in the presence of pathogens, Aniela Hoitink, an artist based in Amsterdam, that specializes in incorporating microbiology into textiles, is exploring the many benefits and applications of combining microbiology and textiles. Read more…

New production method may accelerate mass production of graphene The 2D wonder material graphene has captured the imaginations of engineers around the world for its extreme strength and high conductivity. Yet, in spite of the material’s potential, producing it can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Read more…

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