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Techtextil NA'18: Advancements in PPE Fabrics By Kathlyn Swantko Celebrate Sensil 2019 Trendbook TechTextil North America 2018: Interior Design Trends with Technical Textiles Innovative Fabric Developments for a New Outdoor Consumer ORSS '18 - What's New in Comfort Activewear? A Lot! Techtextil North America 2018 - Technical Sports Fabric Review

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Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Take a look at some of the great innovations from the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market July 23-26 in Denver featured in the FabricLink Network's Innovation Watch. Read More.

2018 SurveyeTextilesCommunications - Leaders in the Textile & Apparel Industry supply chain look back at 2017 and share generally optimistic expectations for 2018.

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BiosyntheticsTextile Exchange - Launches new micro site ( to demystify biosynthetics. In the future our clothes could be made from sugars, biomass and plant oils.

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BiosyntheticsTHE CUTTING EDGE - Innovative Fabric Developments for a New Outdoor Consumer- Driven by the 80 million Millennial consumers, along with the younger Gen-Z generation, born in the mid-90s and expected to reach 84.7 million by 2020, today's primary shopper groups have a See now—wear now buying attitude.

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BiosyntheticsWhat's New in Comfort Activewear? A Lot! - Comfort remains one of the most important qualities for today's consumers. Feeling comfortable can also make the wearer feel more confident and lead to better performance.

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Giant space blanket serves a communal purpose The lightweight material will naturally change its shape on the wind-swept terrain, and as people gather under it, and then leave its protection. Read more…

Solar supercapacitor could power future of wearable sensors The new supercapacitor uses layers of flexible, 3-dimensional porous foam formed from graphene and silver, capable of storing and releasing around three times more power than any similar flexible supercapacitor. Read more…

3D Printed Mycelium Shoe is Striking and Might Even Be Wearable The silvery platform heels, despite their intimidating appearance, are designed for comfort – as much comfort as towering, shark fin-shaped heels can offer, anyway. Read more…

The Foldable Dress for the Minimal Traveler The art of origami has been brought to fabric, to make outfits and clothes foldable so they occupy a small fraction of the space they would if opened out. Read more…

Twinery Challenges inventors to integrate intelligence into fabrics The Twinery Open Challenge is open to individual inventors, startups, established companies, academic teams and others who have product concepts from any industry that can be applied in the soft goods and fabric sector. Read more…

IIT Madras develops biodegradable, super-absorbent polymer The new polymer’s water absorption capacity was about eight times compared to super-absorbing polymers used in commercial diapers. The team is working on similar biodegradable polymers as a substitute for polyurethane, polystyrene packaging materials. Read more…

Westex by Milliken wins a 2018 Canadian Occupational Safety Readers’ Choice Award (9/19/18)

Eastman’s Naia™ Cellulosic Yarnlaunches into Womenswear at Première Vision (9/14/18)

Beaulieu International Group showcases geotextile solutions at ICG 2018 in Seoul (9/12/18)


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