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New Fabrics and Coatings for the Outdor Patio and Marine Markets at IFAI Expo'16

VynguardDurability and end-use application are two of the most important fabric and material considerations for manufacturers of quality products for the outdoor patio and marine markets. These products must be able to endure heavy use, long hours under the hot sun, and changeable weather conditions. New innovative products that meet these demands were showcased at IFAI Expo 2016.

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HOME FURNISHING ARTICLES Innovation at ORSMTRENDS Miss ORWM? Or maybe need a second look at the great innovations from the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market held January 10-12 in Salt Lake City? Review the best. Read More.
vestAPPAREL Getting Physical: The Other Smart Textiles. Nonelectronic fabrics can cool, warm aand clean themselves-and enhance the health and perforance. Much attention has been given to textiles that are integrated with electronic sensors and circuitry (e-textiles). Read More.
Future FabricsMEDICAL Futuristic Fabrics: Today's smart fabric products, with embedded or woven technological components, are resonating with consumers, and the market is responding. Woven, nonwoven and knitted textiles are the foundation of the fabrics that make up our daily existence, from the clothes we wear to the upholstered chairs we sit on. Read More.
How Luxury Bedding Became a Multi-Million Dollar Industry The way Americans relate to their sleep--and the products they sleep on--is changing, which has opened up a tremendous opportunity for mattress and textiles products. With increasing concern about the role sleep plays in their health, people are realizing that investing in their own wellbeing is money well spent. this means an increase demand for premium mattresses and bedding textiles. Read more…

5 Tips for Marketing to Conscious Consumers Conscious consumption is on the rise. People are seeking out ways to make better decisions about what to buy, and do-good brands are becoming household names. Read more…

Long distance supply chains are no longer meeting the impatient demands of the fashion consumer. Burberry’s pop-up shop next to the catwalk of this year’s London Fashion Week, allowed fans to make instant purchases on pieces that just swept past them on the runway, demonstrates just how much has changed in the UK textiles industry. Read more…

Are You Ready To Venture into The Graphene Era? With the power to change how we view clothing, Graphene textile technology is the new material disrupting the smart textile world. Read more…

Cotton Inc to develop textile dyes from cotton biomass for dyeing cotton Cotton Inc and Archroma have joined forces to develop the first ever cellulosic textile dyes derived from cotton biomass, the technology to dye cotton from cotton. It is the latest addition to Archroma’s ‘EarthColors’ range of sulphur-based dyes that are derived from waste biomass, as opposed to being synthesized ... Read more…

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