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Sensil Spring Summer Trendbook from Sensil

reconnecting imageATTITUDE

In a hyper-connected, global society it is easy to lose our rapport with nature as we continue to embrace a daily digital routine. But this is set to change as, more and more, we actively seek a reconnection to the comfort and activities that bring us back to nature. From experiencing the great outdoors to discovering a personal harmonious level, we embrace innovative textures, touch and bolder tones – all of which are influenced by nature. Natural fibers feature, taken to a new level with Sensil® in blends. But it is the mimicry of cotton that also features in melange aspects which take up the true tones on offer.

Bio-mimicry features as surfaces take on a more cellular and organic appeal, structurally or optically. A sensational, natural touch is key, enhanced by the new dimensions of raised surfaces and brushed aspects. Fabrics made of Sensil® Nylon 6.6 bring the added advantage of higher level performance and cotton-like appeal without forgoing the function the consumer requires. Sustainability is at the forefront of this natural link, with recycled Nylon 6.6 Sensil® EcoCare being incorporated into the collections, alongside Sensil®'s reduced-water footprint products that deliver innovative color formations.

As a higher level of performance is required in all sectors of the market, Sensil® Breeze and Sensil® Aquarius elevate the reassuring cotton-touch direction with cool touch and moisture management. A reconnection with nature is not just good for the body and soul, it is also translated through hybrid and body mapping applications more acutely - resulting in enhanced performance in the way the body reconnects and reacts with fabrics of Sensil®.

reconnecting colors

The color palette is influenced by nature, with neutral hues. Greys come through as the anchor to this direction. They are enhanced by more vibrant tones, worked best through melange and vein-like biand multi-colored structures. Shock accents highlight new neutrals, all inspired by nature.

MATERIAL Vapory, featherweight knits Merino wool teamed with Sensil® for new lightweight, compact qualities Sensil® added to cotton for sleek, lightweight, performance jeanswear Recycled fleece Compact, high-compression, natural-touch, seamless, circular and warp knits Fabrics that embrace and nourish the wearer Innovative power mesh with built-in performance, with more organic approach Contrasting bright/dull yarns for 3D optical applications Super light, compact gabardine and twill
TEXTURE Organic and cellular structures that embrace Surface appeal with 3D jacquard effect Natural touch in woven, warp knits and circular knits Natural touch + technology Innovative striations and tone-on-tone Surfaces that attract — brushed, raised, rippled Micro-ribs in featherweight structures Honeycomb and pique feature on a micro scale Cool touch super light fabrics with a snug aspect.

reconnecting sketch 1 reconnecting sketch 2

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