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Sensil Spring Summer Trendbook from Sensil

luxury imageATTITUDE

It is time to treat ourselves, embrace the better ideals of life, easy to achieve through the use of Sensil®'s range of performance and fashion yarns. A luxurious approach in lightweight qualities feature. From extremely elegant to satisfying sensual touch, fabrics will embrace the body in a variety of perfect lusters from full dull to bright and gleaming. Compact structures feature, but there is a decorative element that can come through in jacquards, in creating a truly opulent and indulgent appeal. There is a strong tactility about this trend, enticing the consumer to the better levels of quality on the market.

A feel of the 1920s is used as inspiration, an era of beauty and decadence as well as the initial inspiration of travel and communications we take for granted today. The message to the consumer is that it is OK to treat yourself, this is guilt-free pleasure, honoring inspiration from the past and teaming it with Sensil®'s performance values from tomorrow's fabric applications.

Comfort and opulence collide, fluidity features and this trend is particularly important to the knit sector as featherweight circular knits come through in natural-inspired gloss aspects to brighter luminescence. Perfect surfaces feature in a variety of lustres, ranging from glossy marbled effects through to new generation patinas as Sensil®'s fashion yarns in Britex group deliver the undisputed luxurious touch teamed with a regular gleaming effect. Matte aspects also feature, with the hand being superbly sensuous and light.

The characteristic isn't all about touch and luxury appeal, a strong element of built-in function from Sensil®'s performance yarns enhances the whole package as cool touch and all-day comfort features, giving past luxury a new lease of life.

luxury colors

An intriguing color palette runs the gamut of the color spectrum. From opulent dark tones that will achieve a new lease of life in this direction through lustrous and sensual effect to soft and feminine vintage pastels including celadon green and blush pink for contrast.

MATERIAL Supremely silky micro fine circular knits feature in varying lusters – hosiery inspired in their construction Natural mineral inspiration creates striated effects through one dye processes in circular knits Compact paper touch appeal – micro structure in both knits and woven High powered compression incorporating Sensil® yarns for luxurious touch with spandex/elastane for fit plus 21st Century performance from the performance yarns that offer cool touch and lasting freshness Compact surfaces are perfect for decorative prints – especially on lightweight vapory wovens Clean cut circular and warp knits, printed tone-on-tone with decorative relief A renewed cat-like quality features through delicate touch with a papery appearance Contrasting matte and bright yarns in flat jacquards Sateen structured wovens with or without comfort stretch
TEXTURE Vapory compact surfaces Vintage glazed aspects through to compact lacquered finishes Subtle crepe de chine aspects mimicked in modern knits Compact matte appeal with a soothing touch teamed Optical variations for added detail Marbled glossy aspects – a natural patina Troupe l'oeil prints and multi layered finishing for deceptive decorative styles Changeant effects – shimmer that catches the light with contrasting tone effects

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