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Sensil Spring Summer Trendbook from Sensil

nostalgia imageATTITUDE

A reassuring mood that embraces cultural references of the past as the original digital revolution of the 1950s to the 1970s inspires. An era when mechanical technology started to make the switch to electronic technolog that intrigues today's digital-savvy millennial consumer and continues to inspire new developments. Incredibly pioneering at its time, it was an essential path to take in order to get to today's digital world. This progression appeals as soft and sensual tactility comes through.

A feel-good factor features with a natural nuance. There is a return to those pioneering times, realizing the enormity and amazement of the movement. Paying homage to past technology, from the return to vinyl records on the music scene and original retro applications of communications inspiring today's technology through design. A retro sense of novelty, innovations and reassuring tactility features, as it embraces the unknown, the newness of the time, but this time it is with a difference, as Sensil® Nylon 6.6 creates the look with 21st Century function.

Contrasting surfaces feature from matte through to full dull, melange and semi-bright finishes, compact to soft and textured. This is about saluting the past and respecting the future, with today's technology. Abstracts and geometric graphics inspire woven and knit structures, this isn't bold but sentimentally cute and a little kitsch. There is a strong push to classics reworked as fabric aspects take on a sun-dried look, tones taken down in hue. A synergetic approach of the past with the present features, as classics and retro inspiration get reworked and regenerated with today's Sensil® products for modern-day living.

luxury colors

A kitsch collection of unique sugar tones, from pistachio fudge to candy floss. Worked for the womenswear market in a cute and feminine look through to a relaxed and soft approach for the menswear market. Matte through to subtle semi bright lusters alter the tones, but overall the effect is nostalgic, all inspired by nature.

MATERIAL Classics revisited – traditional textiles of the past are regenerated through modern yarn use Wovens take on a vintage appeal with a modern functionality Authentic slub denim in hybrid performance blends Yarn-dyed woven shirt weights – cotton to touch but with easy-care performance Irregular single circular knit cotton touch jersey in hybrid blends with Sensil® yarns Terry toweling, velour and brushed surfaces enhance the sensual natural-touch content Retro prints and innovative jacquard effects
TEXTURE Cotton touch with invisible performance Grainy and slub textural surfaces – there is a naive irregularity to this direction Dry and matte finish Aged aspects and toned down hues Compact warp and circular knits in a semi bright application appeals to a retro plastic approach Geometric jacquards and prints through to naive graphics inspired from the past applied to compact and irregular surfaces

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