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GTI is the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching assessment. All viewing systems are manufactured at our 30,000 square foot headquarters in Newburgh, NY.

Light Support

Why GTI?

Commitment - GTI is the leading manufacturer of lighting systems and 100% dedicated to the lighting business.

Quality - An in-house NIST traceable spectroradiometric laboratory and 100 percent measurement and verification production process guarantees that precision and accuracy is built into all products.

Product Offering – A wide range of models are offered including desktop viewers, standalone viewing stations, overhead luminaires, harmony rooms, and more.

Multiple Sources – Viewers are available with up to five light sources. Lamp configurations can be easily changed. User Friendly - Instant on lamp selection, GTI ColorGuard II displays elapsed and remaining time of each source, and automatic sequencing.

Certificate of Conformance

Standards - Comply with ASTM D1729, SAE J361, BS-950, AS 1580, TAPPI T-515, and TAPPI T-1212. Products are shipped with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable).

Low Cost of Ownership - Lower relamping cost, longer lamp life, lower annual re-certification costs, and conventional, non-dedicated power.

Excellent Color Rendition - GTI lamps provide the closest match to the spectral power curve of CIE D65. Which is required for compliance to national, international, and industry spectral specifications.

GTI Product Collage

GTI’s Products

GTI ColorMatcher® Series
Four standard size booths are available with viewing areas ranging from 19’ x 28” x 20” to 30” x 64” x 30” (H x W x D). Includes a push button instant on lamp selector and automatic light source sequencing. Floor stand and storage accessories are available.

GTI MiniMatcher® Series
The MM-1e and MM-2e provide three standard light sources. Individual rocker switches control each source.

The MM-4e, MM-2448e, and MM-2460e include five standard light sources. Sources are selected via an illuminated digital control panel that can be programmed to provide one touch sequencing.

Multi-Source Overhead Luminaires
Luminaires are available in two styles. The GLE-M is available with three, four, or five light sources. GTI ColorGuard II, selector/sequencer control panel, and a line cord are included. An optional remote control is available. Up to ten luminaires can be combined to configure a system for a larger area.

The GLL-e provides up to three light sources and must be hard wired into individual power circuits. They do not have a built in light control selector.

Vertical Product Inspector – Textiles
The VPI/T viewing system helps the textile industry evaluate textiles and apparel as per AATCC Test Method 9 and other AATCC test methods such as soil release, wrinkle retention, and more. The VPI/T light levels meet the specifications outlined by the AATCC.

Color Rendition Demonstrator
The CRD is designed for demonstrating the effects different light sources have on identical color samples. The three compartment viewer demonstrates color rendition of store light, 6500K daylight, and home light. Viewing area of each compartment (H × W× D) is 11" × 9.5" × 7.5".

Simultaneous Color Viewer
The SCV helps detect metamerism and test color harmony by allowing a visual side-by-side comparison of colors under four light sources: daylight, LED, store light, and home light. A UV light allows for the detection of optical brighteners, whitening agents, and fluorescent dyes and pigments.

Light Support

Available Light Sources

Artificial daylight: D65, D75, or D50

Store light: CWF or TL84

Home light: Incandescent A

Ultraviolet light

Optional source: D50, TL84, TL83, Horizon, LED

GTI logo

GTI Graphic Technology Inc.

211 Dupont Avenue Newburgh, NY 12550

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