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Q-Lab Corporation (Testing Equipment/Testing Services) Since 1956, Q-Lab Corporation has been a global provider of material testing products and services. Based in Westlake, OH, Q-Lab designs and manufactures standard test substrates and weathering/light stability/corrosion testers. Contract laboratory testing services are available at Q-Lab Florida, Q-Lab Arizona, and Q-Lab Deutschland. Testing services including outdoor exposure testing, lightfastness and corrosion are available at Q-Lab Florida and Q-Lab Arizona. Q-Lab’s products and services are used by material scientists/technicians in these industries: additives/colorants, adhesive/sealants, automotive, building materials, fabrics/textiles, food/beverages, graphic arts/inks, paints/coatings, pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, plastics/packaging, and renewable energy.
  Quantum Materials (Yarn & Textile Supplier) Based in Colfax, NC, Quantum Materials is an engineer and supply of unique yarns and high performance woven and knitted fabrics. Quantum does what other textile companies cannot do or will not pursue. There are NO limitations for any challenge. Whatever the application, Quantum Materials has the capability to produce woven and knitted fabrics in addition to producing monofilament and multifilament yarns. From its start as a fabric supplier to the furniture industry, the company has grown to be a provider of custom yarns and fabrics. Quantum Materials' distinctive engineering and design aesthetic helps to serve a diverse set of industries, including manufacturers in the transportation, construction, entertainment, personal products and healthcare industries. Quantum Materials

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