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Insulation Trademark and Brand Name Index

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DOWNLITE - This broad line of of down and feather, and synthetic bedding products, produced by DOWNLITE® of CinCinnati, Ohio, consists of comforters, pillows, mattress pads, and feather and fiber beds. The products are sold under private label in leading department stores, specialty stores, and catalogs, as well as under major national brand names. DOWNLITE® also supplies high-quality bulk fills to furniture, outerwear and sleeping bag manufacturers around the globe. DOWNLITE® is a bluesign® system partner having gone through rigorous tests that meet contemporary ecological requirements to verify compliance with the bluesign® criteria.
  DownTek - Developed by Sustainable Dow Source, DownTek™ is one of the industry’s leading water repellent down insulation products. DownTek absorbs 30% less water and dries 60% faster than untreated down, and retains significantly more loft than untreated down after exposure to moisture. DownTek products can be washed without losing the ability to repel water, retains the same fill power as untreated down and the water repellent treatment adds no measurable weight. DownTek is an all natural, non-synthetic treated down that is PFOA and PFOS free and environmentally safe. Visit for more information.
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