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Technology/Finish Trademark and Brand Name Index

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K-Kote Plus® - K-Kote Plus®, developed by Kenyon, is a waterproof, breathable coating for high performance apparel.
  KERATAN™ - This new, innovative glove application, developed by Pittards, is designed to significantly enhance the abrasion resistance of Pittards' goatskin leather. The hard surface treatment in KERATAN™ provides several performance properties including improved abrasion resistance, durability, flexibility, breathability, and water resistance. KERATAN™ leather is ideal for gloves used in snowboarding, motorcycling, mountaineering, and any other application where durability is important.
  KURALON™ / KURALON K-II - Developed by Kuraray Co, Ltd., Kuralon™ is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fiber, used for fiber cement (non asbestos), extrusion and concrete roof tile products all over the world. The fiber possesses high tensile strength, low elongation, good dispersion in cement, good adhesion to cement, good resistance to alkalis, good weather ability, and is nontoxic.
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