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Technology/Finish Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Pertexion® - Pertexion® is Perseverance Mills' extemely waterproof coating for use in bags and outerwear.
  PLUSfoam™ - Produced by PLUS Compound Technologies, PLUS’s virgin material, and is made from a proprietary formulation of high performance thermo elastic copolymers that are 100% recyclable. PLUSfoam is made in large sheets that can be used for a number of products, including traction pads and deck pads for surfing, stomp pads for snowboarding, as well as for handles or grips and virtually anything currently using an EVA or a rubber component..
  Polarguard® - Polarguard® continuous filament polyester is a member of the Polarguard Family of Insulation Products. Polarguard® combines a super void cross section with modified batting formation. The larger void creates higher loft with less weight, making it warmer, yet lighter. The result is a state-of-the art insulation that offers superior performance in sleeping bags and outdoor apparel under the harshest environments.
  Polarguard® HV - Polarguard® HV is a polyester insulation produced by INVISTA. The HV stands for "high void continuous filament." It offers all the advantages of Polarguard® but is 25% lighter, because it traps greater quantities of air. It is also highly compressible, resists wet conditions, and is very durable. Most sleeping bag manufacturers give it a lifetime guarantee.
  Polygiene® - Polygiene prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi at the source, permanently. To do this Polygiene uses low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride), which has antimicrobial properties and is naturally present in water and soil, to safely eliminate the ability for bacteria and fungi to grow. The permanent treatment is applied at the finishing stages of textile production and odor control is possible as the technology is bound and permanently integrated in the fabric and will not wash out. Polygiene silver salt technology is only active on the textiles itself and with a heritage in the healthcare sector Polygiene has applied its expertise and testing to ensure that there is no effect on the natural bacterial flora of the skin. Polygiene is not nanosilver.
  Polytron - Eco-friendly FR topical treatment for polyester and polyester rich fabrics in furnishing, upholstery, transportation and contract applications
  Popper® - Developed by Sommers Plastics, Popper is the latest generation of thermochromatic (color changing) matrials. Based on liquid- crystal technology, Popper goes through three distinct color changes depending on temperature. Below 18 degrees C, the opaque top color is visible; between 18-30 degrees C (room temp.), the middle color is apparent; warmed up above 30 degrees C (by touch of hands, room or water temp.), the base color, print or peek-a-boo message becomes visible "popping" through.
  Porelle® Membranes - Porelle Membranes specialize in the development of membrane systems used by worldwide manufacturing companies, particularly in the production of garments & accessories, footwear, filtration and medical products. Porelle produce a wide variety of membranes for use in high-end markets to supply a wide variety of waterproof and breathable membranes. Our membranes are also resistant to high temperatures and are extremely durable. Anti-static and chemical splash resistant options are also available.
  PORON® Performance Cushioning - For over 40 years, PORON® Performance Cushioning has been a leading ingredient for comfort and cushioning products, from the everyday to the extreme – at home, work and play. Dependable PORON Cushioning withstands your daily wear, and offers materials with shock absorption, cushioning, custom contouring, and other benefits that can help you go longer and reduces fatigue over time. PORON Cushioning brings you long-lasting performance, comfort and fit in a range of applications from footwear to sports apparel and cushioning. Brought to you by Rogers Corporation, a global leader in innovative materials development, PORON Technology provides the very best in performance cushioning, from extreme, high-impact protection to moisture management.
  PORON® ReGen™ - Consisting of a unique combination of sustainable materials and recycled content, while maintaining excellent physical properties, PORON® ReGen™ urethane is latex and PVC free, and contains no VOC’s. The PORON® open-cell urethanes maintain their like-new softness, flexibility and shape, along with shock absorption and moisture management properties, resulting in maximum comfort. They are available in a broad range of formulations, densities, thicknesses and colors to meet a variety of application needs to the environmentally conscious outdoor equipment, gear, and apparel manufacturers and retailers.
  PORON® ReSource Performance Cushioning - A 2nd generation PORON® Performance Cushioning product manufactured with renewable and recycled materials, PORON ReSource Cushioning is an ideal material for those taking active steps towards sustainability but do not want to compromise product performance, now using 45.96% less petroleum-based polyols, over twice the amount used in the 1st generation material. PORON ReSource Cushioning is an open-cell, breathable, shock absorbing material that maintains all of the superior cushioning and performance benefits found throughout the entire line of PORON materials. All PORON materials are developed to be free of latex, PVC's (polyvinyl chloride), VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and heavy metals. PORON ReSource Performance Cushioning is manufactured using a soy-based polyol, which replaces over 45%
  PORON® Urethanes - This performance material offers resistance to abrasion, friction, tension, and stitch stress. PORON® urethanes are lightweight, smooth to the touch, and resist piping, for the greatest degree of shoe comfort, over the greatest length of time. The PORON Urethanes materials offer a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, densities and surface textures to accommodate any kind of shoe for almost any activity - from the everyday wear associated with dress shoes, to the rigorous demands placed on shoes worn during high-impact sports and exercise. End-uses include: Strap Padding, Glove Cushioning, Sports Equipment Padding, Saddles, Saddle Pads, Protective Equipment, Apparel, Seating Cushioning, Back Packs, Handle Grips for Sports Equipment
  PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection Material - This protection material is a breakthrough technology that has been tested to absorb up to 90 percent of energy when impacted at high strain rates.* The PORON XRD design difference offers a thin, flexible, and breathable alternative to traditional padding, so your customers can say good bye to uncomfortable, bulky protection. The extreme impact protection developed by the Rogers Corporation High Performance Foams Research and Development Team is ideal for use in sporting goods, outdoor industry products and other applications where protection, comfort, and consistent performance are required
  PRESS-LOK™ - This VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK™ system is an innovative and easy-to-use re-close system for flexible packaging, developed by Velcro USA. It is the only closure system that can be closed while blind-folded. VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK™ allows for precise, easy alignment that securely closes around particulates. The micro-hook feature has a thin, tight seal, an audible opening & closing, a tactile feel closure that is suitable for a wide variety of products, including powdered products.
  Prima-Tex Fabrics - Prima-Tex prints and finishes wovens, knits and specialty fabrics made from cotton, poly/cotton blends, Lycra® blends, denim, nylon, and poly/rayon blends. The company’s design staff has the capability to design a variety of print patterns including florals, ditsy prints, abstracts, plaids, stripes and a variety of conversational patterns.
  PrimaLoft® ECO - PrimaLoft ECO uses fibers made with 70% post consumer recycled materials to create a high loft, thermally efficient, earth-friendly insulation.
  PrimaLoft® ECO FOOTWEAR - PrimaLoft ECO FOOTWEAR uses fibers made with 50% post consumer recycled materials to make a thermally efficient insulation. This earth friendly product provides superior durability and fit for lasting comfort. Gram for gram, PrimaLoft ECO FOOTWEAR keeps feet warmer, wet or dry.
  PrimaLoft® INFINITY - PrimaLoft INFINITY is a fine denier high-loft continuous filament insulation engineered for maximum warmth, compressibility, and softness.
  PrimaLoft® ONE - PrimaLoft ONE is the highest performing insulation on the market for warmth, water resistance, softness and compressibility. PrimaLoft ONE is an ultra fine micro fiber insulation that is as warm, soft, and lightweight as down, and is warmer wet or dry than all other insulations.
  PrimaLoft® SPORT - PrimaLoft SPORT is a premium performance insulation engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft, softness and compressibility.
  PrimaLoft® The Luxury Down Alternative™ - PrimaLoft® - The Luxury Down Alternative™, is the synthetic insulation of choice for the world’s leading bedding and home manufacturers. It’s incredibly soft and lightweight, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, and machine washable and dryable for easy care. PrimaLoft was developed by Albany International Corp. under contract to the U.S. Army to mimic the properties of down while maintaining the performance aspects of a synthetic. It is a unique microfiber polyester fill that is as soft and warm as down. PrimaLoft bedding and home furnishing products can be found in fine specialty stores, department stores, and catalogs.
  PrimaLoft® YARN - PrimaLoft YARN is a knittable microfiber yarn that can be used alone or combined with other materials, such as Merino Wool or Cotton, to enhance softness and performance characteristics.
  Proof Ace® - Proof Ace®, developed by Unitika, is a ceramic microporous coating applied to nylon or cationic dyeable polyester fabric to create windproof and waterproof qualities, with moisture permeability. The coating is used for skiwear and outerwear.
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