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U.S. Textile Leaders Urge Industry to Raise Voices NOW for Sake of Industry's Future - If you're a producer or supplier to the US textile and apparel industry, you know the sector in recent months has found itself in crisis mode --again. This is a Call to Action.

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Researchers develop new non-woven fabric made from fungus: 'It's kind of futuristic' - If you want your clothing and upholstery to be eco-friendly and not animal-based, you'll soon have a new option: fabric grown from fungus

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Smart fabrics testing and standards under development - While specialized markets such as military, medical and sports are all in for smart fabric, the lack of standards and reliability, along with the expense of e-textiles, have proven hurdles to commercializations..

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NAIST researchers develop CNT yarn for wearable devices - A research team has also been working on flexible wearable thermoelectric generators that produce electricity from body heat by sewing nanomaterial called carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into fabric.

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These sensors are as fine as spider's silk and can monitor human health - The sensors are 50 times thinner than human hair and so lightweight that the scientists were able to print the fibre directly onto a dandelion without it collapsing.

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Australian researchers use nanodiamonds to make cooling smart textiles RMIT University researchers are using nanodiamonds to create smart textiles that can cool people down faster Read more…

Freudenberg launches fully synthetic wetlaid nonwovens made in Europe These unique wetlaid materials from Freudenberg are designed for use in filtration applications as well as other industrial applications. Read more…

US' Fire-Dex launches non-fluorinated barrier for firefighter gear The company has collaborated with Stedfast to incorporate Stedair Clear, the first non-fluorinated moisture barrier of its kind, into their product offerings, showcasing their commitment to innovation and safety. Read more…

Amcor launches Huggies Eco Protect diapers with 30% recycled content The bag has been developed using recycled plastic film that has been processed to be reused as a raw material maintaining performance and minimising impact on visual appeal. Read more…

UK researchers develop nanogenerators for smart clothing Their most recent work has used 3D printing techniques to create a new Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG) design – which can be customized to efficiently extracting energy from movements and for sensing. Read more…

US' Standard Textile launches Take-Back Recycling programme In its Take-Back programme, the company welcomes back retired linens that it then repurposes or downcycles into other products such as carpet padding or automobile insulation. Read more…

Ambercycle and Hyosung TNC Join Forces to Scale Decarbonized, Circular Polyester (6/12/24)

INDA Applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for Passage of the WIPPES Act---HR 2964 (6/12/24)

Astral Launches Performance Hemp Apparel Collection (6/11/24)

Coats strengthens Running Solutions Portfolio for Footwear Market (6/10/24)

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