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Insulation Trademark and Brand Name Index

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ACTIV-DRI DOWN™ - Developed by DOWNLITE, this down insulation is ideal for active outdoor applications, due to its great ability to reduce water absorption by up to 60%, compared to un-treated down. This flourine-free and bluesign® system partner chemistry does not add weight, odor, or have an adverse effect on fill power.
  Airskin - This comprehensive line of spacer fabrics have applications as temperature regulating comfort fabrics in the medical, seating, footwear, mattress, and high-end apparel markets. Based on a three layer fabric, Airskin provides a unique channel in its middle area that draws heat and moisture away from the body. With up to 20 times the air permeability compared to normal fabrics, this channel serves as a temperature-regulating medium, as well as offering additional cushion and support.
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